Multifunctional horse rider assistant


The multi-purpose riding cart BORSOG ONE will help you unleash your true potential with stress-free preparation for riding. You can rely on your unique task assistant with your daily horse grooming, as well as when preparing for competitions. Dedicated equipment that takes the unnecessary burden off your shoulders, so that you can invest all your strength in what matters most.

2000 EUR

A response to the needs of the rider

Our cart is not just a piece of equipment that will help you prepare before you ride. It is, above all, the mental comfort that comes from thoughtful organisation and ease of transport.

Innovative EQ FSR saddle rack

Protects the most valuable accessories with the utmost care. Thanks to the use of an elastic strap and stabilising profiles, the saddle will not fall off the hanger even when rotated by 90°!

Simple but clever solution

The unique design with a leather belt ensures that the saddle is completely secure. Thanks to the tapered stabilising profiles and the fastening system on the elastic strap, the hanger allows you to store and transport all types of saddles.

Leather likes leather

The 6 cm wide leather strap fits softly under any type of saddle without touching the deformation-prone pads. It also acts as a measure of quality of the saddle channel as recommended by saddle fitters.

Folds flat

It is compact and handy. When folded, it has its dedicated place inside the trolley structure, so the risk of you forgetting it is minimal.

Foldable saddle pads rail EQ FSPR

A three-level, mobile tack rack. From now on, you can keep all your saddle pads in one place and the worn ones finally have a place to dry.

Arbor bridle hanger EQ ABH

Arch-shaped body lets you keep the bridle or halter in optimal position without strains or tangled lines. You can use each shank for various accessories, such as breastplates, spurs, ropes or your jacket.

Whip holder

In BORSOG, every accessory, even the smallest, has its own dedicated place. Sturdy steel cable loops at the left-hand side of the trolley secure the whips in an upright position.

Simplifies everyday life

BORSOG will take on all the uncomfortable and heavy stuff, leaving you to enjoy the ride.


Find the original design and love for detail in one multifunctional product. The perfect balance between utility and modern beauty – this is what the BORSOG multipurpose riding cart is all about.


We have given a new meaning to the word “multifunctionality” – here every centimetre of surface has its use. With the mangers in place, the cart can be transformed into a feeding trough for your horse in just a few minutes. The upper organiser will not only serve as an equipment storage, but also as a handy table for luggage, documents or a coffee cup. Organising equipment is made much easier with dedicated hangers for bridle, saddles and pads, which can be easily removed from the main rack when no longer needed. BORSOG is convenient and extremely adaptable.


The advanced design combined with carefully chosen materials, guarantee that the construction is surprisingly light. The frame consists of 90% aluminium, and the rest is stainless steel to ensure greater resistance. The openwork construction of many elements has allowed us to reduce the cart’s weight to an absolute minimum while maintaining its strength. Originally, the cart weighed 30 kg, now it is only 20 kg – less than a standard feed sack.


It’s simple to keep BORSOG clean. A garden hose, pressure washer or even a bucket of water is all you need to keep it clean. You don’t even have to worry about muddy wheels making the boot dirty – when planning the folding mechanism we ensured that the wheels retract inside the structure. A dedicated carry bag will additionally protect your equipment.


Clever solutions make everyday life easier. In BORSOG, we have hidden a few such features which are not visible at first glance, but you may discover them during use. The wooden shelf is not only a structural element which stabilises the wheel path, but also a convenient place to sit on or put your bag. Not only can you use bridle hangers for your accessories, but also for your jacket or helmet, whereas saddle pads rail is perfect for drying soaked clothes. Discover all the functions of BORSOG and why not come up with a few new ones!


BORSOG can handle any conditions thanks to its large, inflated tyres and swivelling rear wheels. It works well on gravel, sand or muddy terrain around the stable. The swivel wheel mechanism guarantees manoeuvrability and stability even when the loaded trolley drives onto uneven and boggy surfaces. Professional dyeing with protective coating and stainless materials ensure maximum resistance to water and detergents.


After 3 years of development, the cart released for production is the result of many field tests: with heavy loads, by people of different physiques and of different ages. It was tested mercilessly and improved until it met our high standards of durability. Because of that, we are certain that we are giving you a piece of equipment that you are going to rely on for years to come.

It makes transport easier and is easy to transport

No bigger than a baby pram, it is also handy and compact. When folded, it fits into the boot of any car and its dimensions takes up no more space than a sack of feed.

Impressively functional.
It has everything you need.

Multifunctional organiser

It has dedicated technical holes for the EQ ABH bridle hangers, which can be used as hooks for other accessories, a jacket or a helmet. When unfolded, it turns into a travel table with interchangeable metal holders for a cup or other small items (e.g. hackles). You can safely put your favourite drink here, without worrying that the wind will throw it over.

Pneumatic wheels

Wheels with grooved runners designed for off-road use. Completely removable without tools - all fit in the structure and do not require any additional bag. Extremely easy to steer. In addition, a pair of rear swivel wheels allows efficient manoeuvres of the cart, as well as access to high curbs.

Innovative folding system

The folding stays and clever locking mechanism ensure folding the trolley flat. The same reliable and safe hinges of the stays are also used in prams.

Perforated transport platform with attachable net

A stable base for heavy and large bags, boxes or straw cubes. You can easily fit your feet underneath it to comfortably load and unload the saddle from the hanger. Attachable elastic netting with snap hooks secures horse leg wraps and loose equipment. No need to worry about getting the floor muddy. The perforation makes it easy to drain water and keep the cart clean.

Wooden shelf

Solid, oiled wood with engraving of our logo. The perfect place to relax - as a seat, footrest or additional shelf.

Ergonomic adjustable handle

It allows the handle’s height to be conveniently adjusted to the user's height, so that BORSOG ONE can be also used by younger riders. The load is distributed over a large area, which also makes a fully loaded trolley run unexpectedly smoothly.

Focus on what is important. Leave the organisation to us

The cart works like a typical task list. Each specially designed component is used to transport specific items of riding gear.

This way, it replaces the packing list – when you see an empty space, you already know what you need to take. A fully loaded BORSOG means peace of mind that comes from being properly prepared. Everything is in its place and you’re ready to ride.

An irreplaceable partner for every rider

The BORSOG ONE basic model has everything a horse and a rider need, be it a competition or an off-road ride. Thanks to its detachable and multifunctional elements you can conveniently adapt it to your needs. In just a few seconds, the mobile equipment organiser can be transformed into a hay carrier or even a feed manger for your horse.

Designed for challenging terrain

It is reliable in all conditions. Whether it’s mud, gravel or uneven ground, the BORSOG ONE was developed for transporting equipment in rough terrain and works perfectly there. Thanks to unique steering technology, this specialist cart runs smoothly and precisely even with maximum loads. The effort you put into carrying your equipment can now be saved for  a perfect ride.

Childishly simple to use

The multi-tasking rider assistant is a solution for the big and the small. Thanks to the applied technologies, bearing-mounted swivel wheels and height-adjustable handle, it adapts perfectly to its owner, irrespective of height. It will ensure a stress free preparation for competitions without putting any strain on your or your child’s back.

Investing in a multifunctional riding cart at an early stage of your riding adventure is an investment in health, peace of mind and safety

Takes care of what is valuable to you

By nature, BORSOG likes to get along with others. If you have a riding pack, the multifunctional riding cart will be a mobile addition to it. On its own, BORSOG ONE will also prove to be a perfectly organised storage space. Put away your helmet, hang up your harness and cover the BORSOG with a dedicated cover to protect your valuable equipment from dirt, dust and the envious eyes of others.


3 months ago

Finally pads can dry!


3 months ago

A revolutionary solution on the market. I can no longer imagine life without it and going back to carrying everything by hand. My back is grateful for this decision.

Why is it worth buying a multi-purpose riding cart?

  • No more carrying heavy and inconvenient equipment, feed, hay and riding accessories.
  • Protects your saddle and your valuable equipment from damage, dust and dirt.
  • Helps you organise your trip to the event. With dedicated hangers and equipment holders, can be used as the ultimate to-do list.
  • Easy to drive even in off-road conditions, thanks to its inflatable pneumatic wheels with tread and optimum wheel axle height.
  • The folding handle allows the height of the handle to be adjusted to the user's height, so the pram can be used even by very young riders.
  • Multifunctional thanks to a creative fusion of solutions - turn the trolley into a mobile feeder, a small table or a place to rest.
  • Makes the daily chores at the stables easier.
  • Holds everything - not just the riding equipment, but also a load of buckets of water, horse feed, clothes and anything else you need to transport in the field.
  • An life investment - with a purchased cart you will receive a service book and a warranty for one year, which you can renew each time with annual service.

BORSOG has no secrets from you


BORSOG ONE63x46x23 cm120x104x56 cm20 kg
EQ FSR56x28x3 cm56x28x47 cm1,7 kg with the strap,
1,5 kg without the strap
EQ ABHn/d12x12x8 cm0,3 kg
EQ FSPRn/d46x23x3 cm0,4 kg


For the production of BORSOG ONE, we have used three different aluminium alloys with different properties.

Aluminium EN AW-6061

An extremely strong and formable type of metallurgical aluminium. Widely used in aerospace, railway and automotive industries. In BORSOG, 6061 alloy is used to make profiles.

Aluminium EN AW-5754

Thanks to its high corrosion resistance, this aluminium alloy is used in the marine, shipbuilding and food industries. We have used it to manufacture organiser’s platforms and flooring.

Aluminium AW-2017A

This type of aluminium is used in the automotive and engineering industries and for aircraft structural components. We have made joints in BORSOG from AW-2017A aluminium.

Become the owner of

BORSOG is an investment for many years that will ease your back and head.

2000 EUR

What does the price include?

  • Cart BORSOG ONE 
  • Foldable saddle rack EQ FSR
  • Foldable saddle pads rail EQ FSPR
  • 2x Arbor bridle hanger EQ ABH
  • wooden shelf
  • metal holders
  • floor net with snap hooks
  • transport belt
  • transport bag
  • banner
  • storage bag for holders and halter hangers

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    Regular maintenance is profitable

    You can extend the one-year warranty by further 12 months with regular maintenance at our authorised service centre. In addition, we give you the first servicing as a gift! Details can be found on the Service page.


    Rent BORSOG and fall in love with it

    If you want to test BORSOG before purchasing it, visit our rental page. You will soon want to own one!


    The future is in our hands, which is why we focus on ecological solutions in BORSOG’s production.

    We custom manufacture our product because it allows us to personalise it and provide authorised repairs with original service parts of our own production. We do our best to reduce the amount of final waste to a minimum. By buying BORSOG ONE, you support a Polish company and production.

    We make everything ourselves - from the connectors to the frame

    Local production in Opole city

    Second life for used equipment

    You can buy a used cart from our rental shop at a lower price. For re-sale we only accept fully operational trolleys that have been repainted and serviced at our authorised service centre. The used cart comes with a guarantee and free shipping. Contact us for available models and prices.

    Reusable packaging

    The cart will be delivered to you in a special cardboard box. Do not throw it away! It is made to our order from extremely durable, ecological materials. You can fold it flat and place it e.g. behind a wardrobe. When it’s time for the BORSOG service, pack it up in the same cardboard box. Cartons, just like our carts, can handle anything.