The multi-purpose cart that can carry everything

A reliable, multifunctional, innovative riding gear cart that will significantly improve your riding reality and will give it just the right amount of ease.

We bring comfort to riding

Use reason not force. The BORSOG multi-tasking cart is a thoroughly thought through piece of equipment, where all the elements come together to form a perfectly designed mechanism. We combine luxurious design, technology and innovative solutions that bring a new standard of organisation to equestrianism. Let us lighten your load.

It makes transport easier and is easy to transport

When folded, it fits into any car trunk.

Foldable saddle rack EQ FSR

Arbor bridle
hanger EQ ABH

Foldable saddle pads
rail EQ FSPR

Innovative folding mechanism

Off-road wheels

Multifunctional organiser

Durable stainless steel and ultralight aluminium

Need assistance for an upcoming competition?

You can always count on us. Rent BORSOG equipment for as long as you need. Book conveniently online in 4 steps.

We make equipment
you can trust

Original patented technological innovations

Authorised service and full after-sales care

Convenient online rental

Polish idea and production

Use reason not force